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Hello all, While in in Nursing school almost everyone thinks by applying for and working as a nurse externship is the best way to go about getting your feet in the door but what they don't understand is that since that... Read More

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    I have a great deal of sympathy for the OP's predicament, but feel that some clarification is in order.

    Hospitals, like other businesses, need to maintain a very tight control on their labor budgets - especially in light of the continuing cuts to reimbursement. The number of positions (jobs) is based upon the amount of work that must be done. If there are no jobs available, then they cannot hire anyone. In many hospitals, managers have to 'justify' hiring any new staff even if it is just to fill a position for someone who resigned. It's not an easy process. So, if there are no jobs available when new grads complete their internship, there are very few options available. Some organizations offer PRN or float pool positions until a permanent job opens up but this is not always possible.

    Instead of throwing rocks at organizations that do not automatically employ all their nurse interns/residents, we should applaud them for making the effort - continuing to sponsor such an expensive program - even though they are not directly benefiting from it.
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    Almost all of the new grad RNs I know who have held nurse extern positions have been offered positions, whether for their hospital or for another. I was told by 2 different hiring managers that they are hesitant to hire New Grad RNs (especially in an ICU/IMCU setting) who have not held an extern job. Extern positions help teach time management, prioritization, etc. I am very thankful for my opportunity as an extern, and I know many of my fellow new grads are as well. As a previous poster said, many hospitals just do not have the positions available.. For instance, with my facility - there was only 1 position open on our unit for a new graduate RN and they're 4 of us that are new grads. It's tough out there and every little bit of experience helps! Best of luck in your endeavors!

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