New Grad with no clue of what to expect in offer letter.

  1. Could you please guide me in terms of pay and benefits? I'm completely lost.
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  3. by   Jolie
    Not knowing your geographical location, type & size of facility, title of position, hours, etc. it is impossible to make any estimates of what you can expect to be offered.

    A job offer letter should contain the following information: Title of position, number of hours to be worked per pay period, expected shift (and differential, if applicable), weekend and holiday work requirements (and diff, if applicable), information on accrual of PTO (or vacation/sick/holiday time, such as # of hours earned per pay period), information on health benefits such as major medical/dental/vision (including approximate cost per paycheck), information on optional benefits such as 401K, disability insurance, etc., cost of parking (if applicable).

    The letter should also indicate to whom you should respond and in what time frame to accept or reject the offer. It may include a start date, or indicate that a start date will be discussed.

    You can check with former classmates, teachers or others working in the area to see if the offer amount seems consistent with local norms. As a new grad, you will have very little negotiating room, and may be forced to either take it or leave it.

    Hope this helps.
  4. by   JohannaR
    Thanks a LOT for the information. This is exactly what I needed to know since I am aware that depending of location title and shift the amount changes. Thank you very much!! I will make a note of your note and make sure if and when I get an offer all of this info is in it. 😊
  5. by   KelRN215
    My offer letter said nothing about benefits. My offer letter included- the position offered, the start date, the requirements for employment (active nursing license, satisfactory background check), schedule/weekend obligations/rotation expectations and pay rate.

    I had a general idea of the benefits the institution offered because I was required to meet with a nurse recruiter as part of my interviewing process but it wasn't until I went to the hospital orientation that I really got all the information about benefits.

    Every institution offers different benefits. Your HR department/benefits office should guide you through this. When I went to hospital orientation, there was an entire presentation on benefits.
  6. by   JohannaR
    Thank you for your input. I will follow these tips when the time comes.