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I was wondering if anyone will be able to help me... I am a new grad ADN RN in nyc. I am currently enrolled to get my BSN and will be done by Feb 2013. I have yet to find a nursing job, I... Read More

  1. by   gdesta04
    Ok i agree with most of the comments here...
    I graduated in December, 2011, took the nclex a little later in april. That was a big mistake because in the DC/MD/Va area
    it is really a tough market. I say if you live in MD or VA first get that instead of DC. You are limited if you only do DC, because too many schools not enough hospitals. I literally would wake up and apply to hospitals everyday, from Southern VA, all the way to Delaware. I would say don't be picky, and pretty much say yes to any thing that says new GRADUATE. Also, if you can be a tech like once a week, volunteer even; get the foot in the door. My only classmates that got jobs were techs. I literally applied to 50 hospitals, I got 5 interviews. Even getting interviews is an accomplishment these days. One thing that really sucked was that since I had my ADN, I was competitng with all the BSN people. I even interviewed at Children's-3 people in one room, had a background check,drug screen only to be told the day before decisions that I would not get hired becasue I didn't have a BSN. I was mad for a month. However, I kept trying it took me 9 months to get the job at INOVA. For interviews, practice with a nurse because they ask a lot of "behavior questions" and scenarios too in most hospitals around here. So, keep your head up and don't give up.
    I didn't and it payed off!!!!!!!!!
  2. by   lrbake33
    @sniper06 i am I recent new grad as well and yes it is frustrating not being able to gfind a job in your area, as it has been a struggle for me as well. One thing you must consider is that it is so expensive to train a new grad nurse. For one the hospital or agency has to pay you RN pay but they are not getting the RN work out of it. Two, if a hospital is short staffed, you will be making the problem worse by needing the guidance of a experienced RN, short staffing them further. Three, many hospitals do not want to risk hiring new grads in the economy because many new RNs get their 6 months- 1 year experience and then they are out the door. So just take these things into consideration when applying for jobs. Good luck and best wishes.
  3. by   triciamatsuda
    This is so depressing... I regret doing nursing! I should have just gone to med school!
  4. by   teterichko123
    I feel your frustration. I have applied to every hospital in the state and no luck. But better work somewhere else then no where. So...... I put on my best suit and went driving around town and applied to rehab facilities. Not only did I get to hand in my app to an actual HR person but I got an interview the next day!
  5. by   havemercy21
    Quote from triciamatsuda
    This is so depressing... I regret doing nursing! I should have just gone to med school!
    SAME HERE. This is so unfortunate and discouraging. I had enough and broke down. I absolutely despise waking up to rejection emails and no call backs or interviews. Wishing I went another route or lived in a small city.
  6. by   berms123
    Mercy RN sorry the site will not let me message you because I have not had enough posts but here is what I was going to send you

    Hi! Sorry to get back to you so late I have not been on here for a bit. My advice is perseverance to be honest. I know that sounds very clich but it is the truth and has pushed me through a lot in everything. I was in the same boat you are.

    I applied to hundreds of jobs (seriously) all ICU. I know I did not want to be on a regular floor unit. Of course everyone wants to be at the big university jobs in Chicago but sometimes that’s not going to happen. Apply to everywhere you can. Then once you gain experience and network yourself, apply to other hospitals you are set on going to.

    Also consider researching for the contact info for directors of units. Email them, not begging for a job but telling them you are more than a piece of application paper and have much more to offer. Even if you could meet to just talk it will help.

    On regards to CRNA, I actually just received my first offer to interview. This was much harder than finding work. A lot does depend on grades, scores, etc… But to be honest my grades are not stellar and I got sick of hearing that and am not one to take no or failure as an option, so I did what I did with work. I emailed and emailed for months directors of programs asking what I can do to stand out and that is exactly what I did. Took graduate courses, got amazing ICU experience, and just passed my CCRN, along with other miscellaneous resume boosters.

    If there is anything else you need do not hesitate to ask me!!
  7. by   Krystal Bonnet
    update on jobs anyone?
  8. by   ShanCiera44
    Hi Bronze1

    Hi I understand your frustration, looking for a job is a job. You should check out Visiting Nurse Service of New York. The have a lot of openings for experienced and entry level nurses. I found a job within a few weeks.

    Below is the link:

    Physical Therapy Jobs

    Hope this helps

    Good Luck!
  9. by   heriith
    am an african nurse doing my bsc nursing from india.. right now im in final. .getting worried about my first job.