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new grad nurse cannot find a job

  1. 0 Dear friends,

    I graduated from a community college in 2011 with associate degree in nursing. Since then I have been looking for any kind of nursing job. But I couldnt find any. I am an international student so my 1 year of working permit in US also expired. Currently I am doing my RN-BS degree and I can work 20 hours a week. I am still looking for a part time RN job.
    So, can any new grad nurses out there who found a job give me some ideas how you were able to find a job? Everyone tell me connection, i do not have much connection as I am new here. Agencies were not of much help either. I sent so many resumes in criagslist but no reply!

    Thank you all !
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    MOved for improved response......I would also try other search engins like career builder/monster than craig's list.