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New Grad job in Austin, Texas

  1. 0 Please help... I'm graduating in two weeks and am planning on moving to Austin, Texas! I haven't lined up a job yet but am searching desperately for an opening. I would prefer to work in a hospital, but at this point, I'm open to other options. Anyone have any advice on where to search or how to get in at a hospital besides the residency programs?
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    As a new grad, I highly suggest a residency program if you can get into one. The new grad market is tough anywhere you go, but I think it's harder in city compared to a hospital in the suburbs. There are some great hospitals in Austin, though. St. David's and Seton are both highly respected. There is also Scott & White; not necessarily in Austin but they have a hospital in Round Rock which is about 25 minutes north of downtown. Scott & White is also well-known and respected. Good luck!