New Grad Job in Jacksonville, FL

  1. just found this. was looking at market in jacksonville...cause i will move back one day. but, for those of you who are new grads, here is your chance!

    graduate nurse program( job number:

    work location

    : united states-florida-jacksonville-memorial hospital

    : full-time

    memorial is offering a graduate nurse program to begin on february 13th, 2012. this is a 10-week full-time program that combines classroom learning with clinical experience.

    the registered nurse is responsible to the nursing director/charge nurse for the delivery of quality patient care utilizing the nursing process. the quality of care given will be in keeping with the philosophy and objectives of the hospital and the department of nursing. the registered nurse will maintain and support the standards of nursing care and practice in order to meet the health care needs of patients, their families and the community. the registered nurse prescribes delegates and coordinates all nursing care provided to assigned patients. the registered nurse is responsible for meeting all standards associated with performance, nursing practice and nursing care.


    to apply for this position candidates must submit 2 letters of reference, a copy of their transcript and a current resume. at a minimum, candidates must have their att (authorization to test) letter to be considered for admission. a current bls card is required.
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