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Needing Some Advise

  1. 0 I just passed my NCLEX RN exam and trying to get some feedback on which direction to take during my search for employment. I am not real sure what field I want to go into, so it is difficult to decide where to start first. I love people, young and the young at heart.

    My goal for the future is home health care and becoming a travel nurse. I want to get a well grounded foundation in possibly a hospital. Any suggestions what type of area would be the most beneficial for my endeavors?

    Alittle information about myself. I am a late bloomer in the field of nursing. I am a mother of three teenagers and wife. I decided to start a new career and went back to school for my passion and that is to help others as I have done my whole life. I have raised three children on my own and took care of my grandmother. I know the depths of long hours, lack of sleep and hard work. I am a God fearing woman and it is my duty to serve. I have known that since I was a little girl. My great aunt was my angel and nurse. When I was born she named me and watched over me. I was 2 months premature and back then they didn't know if I was going to make it through the night. I was baptized that first night. I believe I have the calling to be a great nurse. It just took me awhile to get here and be prepared. I am now ready.

    I truly believe caring for one another out of the sincere kindness of our heart and teaching one another can make a life changing experience for all.

    Please advise as I begin a new chapter in my life.
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    Congrats on passing your Nclex. In my opinion a med surg position will be best to transfer to home health and eventually traveling.
    I'm a new RN grad myself and traveled as LPN in LTC but would like to add med surg on my resume so I can have more choices in the travel world. Traveling in home health is doable, just not as many positions available. I know somebody who works on Marthas Vineyard as a home health travel nurse and loves it. Your biggest challenge is finding that first new grad job as you probably already know. I have been looking for a month and now apply nationwide to hopefully get going with my life. Btw, I bet I'm way older than you lol!!
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    Thanks Barbara. I was thinking med surg also. I just wonder if I get in as a new grad. I am sure we r close in age. as to age comes wisdom. I am going with that.