Need some advice for when I graduate and start looking for a job?

  1. I was just accepted into the nursing program! (BSN) I start in the fall.

    I'm nervous about nursing school, but I'm more nervous about finding a job once I graduate. I've read countless posts about how new grads struggle to find jobs. I want to know what I can do, during the next 2 years as a nursing student, to make my resume more attractive to recruiters when I start looking for a nursing job. I do not have my CNA but plan to get it soon and start working as a nursing assistant. I've heard that helps (is that true?...). What else can I do?
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    Get an internship when possible. Even if you have to travel some ways. It gets you good with the hospital you are interning at and it makes for a wonderful resume piece.
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    Get a job NOW as a unit secretary at a medium to big hospital. Why unit secretary and not a CNA? The stuff you will learn as a CNA will be taught to you in the 1 semester of nursing school: how to move a pt, taking VS, skin care, getting a pt up to potty, etc. Don't get me wrong, very important stuff and back breaking work. I love CNAs and respect the hard work they do. But this is about getting a job after school. The stuff they do not teach you in nursing school is how a hospital works: dealing with the doctors (calling MDs at 0300 in the morning), what labs are in a CMP and not in a BMP, transfers (the paperwork to move a pt to another hosp or different floor, higher or less acuity), how to get things done with the computer systems, many US are also monitor techs (learn how to read a ECG); this is the stuff you will learn as a unit secretary.

    Why a big hospital? more job openings.

    Think of it from the employers perceptive. They want to hire someone they know and trust, already knows the computer systems, knows and has dealt with MDs and as a US you are more likely to have interaction with management. As a CNA unless you do something wrong, management is not going know you from adam or eve.

    If you do get a unit secretary job, treat it has a long interview for an RN position. Be on time, be accurate, and be reliable.