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need advice new RN

  1. 0 I have over 10 plus years experience in the medical field. I was a hospital quarterman and then I completed my investment and became an LPN. I just finished nursing school and I am finding nothing but slammed doors when it comes to applying for nurse jobs. I keep getting informed I must wait until January for a new graduate program to start. I do not want my first experience as a nurse to be in home health as I would like to have followed your sis to work alongside with. can someone please offer me some advice to get noticed and hired.
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    Do you mean hospital corpsman? If so, that is pretty much the same as civilian hospital jobs, so it should count as relevant experience.

    I am sorry that you're in such a pickle, but residencies are rapidly becoming the ONLY way into a hospital position for new grads in many areas of the country - so it's not unusual. If you can lock in one of those slots, go for it! Your background & experience means that you are much more qualified for home care than other new grads..... and it's only for a little while.