LTC job as a new nurse grad

  1. Has anybody here have worked in LTC facility ? How long do they give you training?
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  3. by   LindseyRN86
    Yes, I worked in LTC for 7+ years. It really depends on the facility. Some are really good and give you ample amount of time and others not so much. If you don't feel comfortable after your training ends you should let them know that you still need some extra time. Good luck!!
  4. by   Cgc21
    Tnx lindseyrn86. some give 10shifts only. Being a new grad I pray i could pick it up quick but i feel its too short for new grad however it they will give more time like you said to let them know if more time is needed.
  5. by   DevinNoelle
    I'm starting at a LTC next week as my first job as a LPN. They said orientation is one class day and 2 weeks of working on skills on the floor. This is for a government/county owned nursing home
  6. by   Cgc21
    All the best Devin. I got a job offer from LTC and will start my orientation on sept soon. Good luck to your new job