Limited Healthcare Agencies in area, advice in applying-Southern Missouri

  1. I am getting married in June and going to be living in the West Plains, MO area. My grad date is in May and I have begun the process of applications. My concern is that there will not be a job for me in the area, at least not in a hospital which is where I would like to start (anyone from the area have advice on where to look/apply). I am also worried about asking off so soon after I would start for my wedding and some days around taking the NCLEX (am wondering if I should hold off on start date or what). Also, I would appreciate tips on how to deal with calling HR to check on applications. I have spent almost 4 years in school, so I would like to find something soon but I know it will probably take time. I am also nervous/scared to begin practicing as a nurse... I have begun caring for four patients in my preceptorship class and feel overwhelmed/slow so I worry how it will be when I actually start on my own
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  3. by   HouTx
    Based on the experiences of other new grads, it may take quite a while to land that first job, so you may not have a job by the time of your wedding - then the 'time off' issue would be a moot point. Any employer that hires a pre-NCLEX new grad is not going to carp about giving you time off to take NCLEX - it's an expectation. They would be more concerned about unnecessary delays in the process.

    Everyone is anxious about beginning something new - no matter what it is. You're not alone. We all go through the same thing. You'll be fine.