How do I rescind an offer that I've already accepted?

  1. I've had two interviews, neither were close in date to each other. The first place offered me the job, I asked them when their deadline for acceptance was and it was 2 days before my interview with the place that I really wanted.

    So I accepted because I'm a new grad and was afraid I wouldn't get the job at "place 2." Well it turns out place 2 offered me the job and I'd much rather be with them.

    I haven't signed anything and I've pushed off medical screening etc for place 1. How do I tell place 1 that, although I'm grateful for their offer I've decided to accept somewhere else?
    I'm assuming the bridge is gonna be burnt, but it would be great if there were some way I could do this without burning the bridge.
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  3. by   MeganMarie
    A tough situation, and one that I just went through myself. I am also a new grad nurse. I was actually offered three jobs, and the third interview that I had was the position I wanted most, however they did tell me it would take them two weeks or so to make a decision since I was their first interview. The other two positions offered me the position right away. One during the interview, the other HR called me two hours after the interview. I accepted one job for fear of not being selected for the job I really wanted, I had figured even though they told me they liked me, if I hadn't heard from them I was out. I went and did the background check and urine drug screen for the first job I accepted, and waited for them to call with further information. The night before I was called to set up orientation and literally two weeks to the day from the one interview, the job that I had really wanted called to let me know they would love to have me. I was completely honest with my situation, and they even offered me day shift if I would come work for them. I was sold, and it was at that moment, filled with guilt, that I realized sometimes you really need to do what is best for yourself. The next day when I was called for orientation by the first job I accepted, I was completely honest with HR about what had happened. I told them I felt badly but that I was doing what was best for me. They were very kind, I think they appreciated my honesty. If they had been upset with me? So be it. So my advice... Do what is best for you, be honest with both agencies, and follow your heart. It is ok to feel guilty about the situation, I know I did. I would hate to have regrets! Congrats, I hear the new grad market is tough, and you should feel blessed, I know I do! You worked hard in school and you are now being rewarded.
  4. by   NycRN92
    Was this first job at a fertility clinic and the second for a picu fellowship?