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  1. 0 I precepted on an MICU my last semester. I had a great experience, made a couple of good catches and had a very good relationship with my preceptor and the other staff on the unit. There were no positions available when I left. However, I told the nurse manager that I was interested in her unit and she indicated that she would call me if anything came open.

    She called today! I was in a meeting and missed the call, but her message said that a position was coming open and she hoped I hadn't taken another position yet and please call her to see if we can schedule an interview, etc. I spoke with her later and she went through the process with me (she's heading on vacation tomorrow for 2 weeks and the position apparently has to be listed within the hospital and then posted on their external job board). Anyway, I'm looking at probably 3-4 weeks before I can expect a call from HR to interview. I am so anxious.

    I am going to mail a thank you card tomorrow for the call and the opportunity. I don't want to get my hopes up too high, but new grad opportunities are pretty scarce around my area right now.

    I haven't told anyone except my husband, so I needed someplace to shout at the wind.
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    It sounds like the MICU manager remembered you from last semester, and thought well enough of you to give you a call.

    That sounds very positive.

    Good Luck!
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    Thats great! I just recently got my first RN job after graduation in December and it is the best feeling in the world! I wish you the best on your interview. Just be prepared and confident!