first nursing interview questions and attire

  1. Hi everyone! I have my first nursing interview tomorrow in a snf. I'm kind of nervous as to what I will be asked. I know the basic ' what are your strengths/ weaknesses' types but i've heard over and over to make a weakness seem like a strength like " i allow myself to take on too much work". I know it might seem like a good answer but I'd like to also give them an answer they might not have heard of. (My real weakness is that Im intimidated to be left alone because i might feel like i dont know what to do. but i dont know how well they'll respond to hearing that) Besides the regular interview questions are there any more I should prepare myself for? I tried looking up info on the facility on the website but it's down. Also, I've been worrying about my interview clothes and I'm always confused as to how I should do my hair. I have long hair and I need some ideas on what to do with it. I guess I might be worrying about this a little too much but I want to make a GREAT first impression especially this being my first interview and also the fact that its tough job hunting out there. none of my classmates have even gotten jobs yet ( we all graduated in june) Any help would be great!!!
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