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first job as a RN, help me choose.

  1. 0 Below is a description of two jobs. I just need some assistance deciding which one would be best for a new grad. keeping in mind that I have student loan payment starting in a few weeks. I really need FT, but Im not sure I can handle being in charge and learning everything required simultaneously.

    job #1: British Home (Cantata): Initially a registry postion (at least 2 shifts per pay period, no benefits, 23.00/hr). They hire everyone onto registry at first. but there is not a for sure legnth of time that it would take to get a full time positon. It would be in their long-term care nursing facility, with 13-15 patients per RN. I would start on the day shift to train. the legnth of orientation was not guarteed. but anywhere from 2-6wks.

    job #2: Alden Northmoor Rehabilitiation and Health Center: FT position with full benefits (8hr shifts (11pm-7am) 5 days a week, 24.00/hr.) guartanteed to have at least 2 wks orientation, more if I need it, oriented to all shifts. as night nurse, only 1 RN per floor at night with anywhere 30-50 patients. 4 floors. one is recent post-op/rehab patients, others are long term residents, and a dementia floor. Since
    I would be the only RN on the floor, im in charge.

    I know the FT positon would be better, but Im not sure if it would be an overwhelming task for a recent grad. your opinion would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!!!
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    Hmmm... Why dont you take both? Start at each place and figure out which one is a better fit for you.
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    If you have a student loan to fulfill, I would suggest taking the full-time job. Besides, it has benefits too. I'm a recent new grad and had a chance to be offered a position in a LTC as a full-time charge nurse. I am aware that it could be tough (30 patients/RN, night shift) but I was determined to accept the offer since there would be an orientation and usually, they assist you when you need it. I think within 6 weeks (or more, if you decide) you will be able to get an idea of how the facility operates. Good luck!