First Interview Experience

  1. I interviewd on Monday for a privately owned Home Health Care Agency.

    It was my first proper RN job interview.

    The lady did not ask me many questions.

    She first of all gave me an NCLEX style test of 25 questions.

    Apparently, I did well even though I had not studied after August 25 - when I sat for NCLEX.

    I answered most of the questions by elimination, not by knowing the answers per se.

    There were no Maths questions.

    Aside from the many forms I filled out, she asked my why I became a nurse and if I had worked in Home Health.

    So I guess Do all RN interviews include an exam?

    I found it curious that I had to pay for by Criminal background check.
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  3. by   Cuddleswithpuddles
    Hello springgarden,

    In my experience, all nursing positions involve some sort of competency test. It could be through written tests, scenarios in an interview, demonstrations on a mannequin or all of the above.

    I find your background check situation curious as well. It always unnerves me when companies cannot or will not foot the bill in making sure that their potential new hires are of good character.
  4. by   fashionistaRN
    From my experience in my area, some examinations are given after the hiring process. Usually during the orientation/classroom part.