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Finally got a job offer as a new grad!- LTAC...?

  1. 1 Hey ya'll,

    First off, I am totally grateful to God that I finally got an offer. I am a new grad. I graduated this past May and became licensed in July; got an offer in August. I have to say...I was getting sooooo sick of all the rejection letters and a bit discouraged. All I have to say is keep applying, applying, and applying. Get in contact with nurse recruiters. I was sending e-mails to nurse recruiters and one invited me to a job fair and that's the only reason I got an offer.

    It's an offer to an LTAC hospital. I did an interview with LTAC and med-surg in the same day; the LTAC manager was basically offering the job while touring the hospital. I have to say LTAC was not my first option, but I don't have a choice...I may not have another opportunity like this if I decline. I did a rotation in LTAC the last semester of nursing school which is beneficial since I know what it's like.

    At first I was a bit iffy and didn't want to take the job. But I started to think to myself...get the experience and hold it out for 6 months to a year--who knows, I may even like it. I don't even know what specialty I really want to do anyway; however, my mind was stuck on the ideal med-surg to start as a new grad. But, I hear a lot of..."don't put all your apples in one basket, don't only settle for your "dream" job, get some experience first then go where you want." And it's so weird because I assumed finding a job as a nurse would be a piece of cake, BOY was I wrong! I don't plan on staying because of the distance, but I need to get in somewhere for a good year. I also hear it's a great learning experience. The pay is great, parking is awesome, orientation is lengthy...the only bad part is the driving distance - ugggghhh...about 50 minutes, but it seems as if 45 minutes is the norm.

    Thanks for listening, God Bless and Good Luck to all of you!
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    Congratulations! I just graduated this past May as well and I'm taking my NCLEX in a few days! :| But to have a job that soon is wonderful. I am also still applying for some places and I'm terrified! But I wish you luck on your new big girl job
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    Thanks to the both of you!
    @cannonball59, Congrats on graduating and Good Luck on NCLEX! And you'll get a job, just keep applying and applying. I thought I wouldn't ever get a call back, but God does work in mysterious ways...just had to be patient and have faith.

    God Bless!
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    Congrats!! Its funny how during school or right after becoming licensed we think we have so many oppurtunities (well I did at least). Then we start applying and maybe are "picky" but as time goes on with no responses, no interviews, not even responses from applications, we broaden our search and are desperate to apply and accept a job anywhere! But I think u made the responsible choice in accepting this job. It cant hurt, and in nursing it seems once we get that 1yr experience, there are soo many opportunities! So get the experience, and ull have ur choice of jobs afterwards. Like u said, who knows- u might even find something u love. Congrats and good luck!!
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