Is an EKG interpretation certification necessary if you are already ACLS certified?

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    I am an ACLS certified new grad and am still looking for a job. I was wondering if I should take an EKG interpertation class to gain that certification as well. Will it benefit my resume even though I'm already ACLS certified?

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    Ekg certification is different than ACLS. ACLS is a course to famliarize you with what to do in an emergency and cardiac asrrest. There are EKG rhythms withon the course but there is much more with 12 lead interpretation. I'm not sure how much EKG class will help you in finding a job unless you are looking at critical care areas. Jobs are tight right now and have been for a while. I am so dissappointed in nursing school not preparing their graduates for the reality of the job market....shame on them. If you cruise the site you will see there are many without jobs and many new grads that have been looking for, at times, longer than a year.

    I wish you luck on your job quest....:heartbeat
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    Esme12, thank you so much for the clarification. You are right, jobs are tight. I just want to do as much as I possibly can to build my resume and just get a chance to gain experience!Thank you for the great quotes and support (:

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