Applying to jobs in multiple states

  1. 0 So, I graduate in 3 months, 5 days.
    Anyway, I want to apply for jobs in Texas, Oregon, & Washington state. Oregon & Washington are not compact states. So... how do I go about getting my license? I live in Texas. Do I get my Texas license & then try to get licensed in the state that I get a job in?I've been poking around on the BON website for Oregon, but it's not exactly forthcoming with this kind of information.
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    I think it is better if you are apply for your license in your home state, the if you get a jog out of state, you can endorse your license. i have the same problem i intend applying for jobs in Texas, Colorado, Missouri and Oregon, but i live in California and will be graduating in 6 months plus. If i do not get offers for employment out of state then i will apply in California, otherwise I will apply wherever i get job offers. i hope this helps.
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    Don't apply for multiple licenses off the bat. Take NCLEX for Texas licensure (unless you secure a job elsewhere first) and then explain in your cover letter that you will be applying for licensure by endorsement in whatever state you are applying to.

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