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  1. 0 I'm about to start working my first job as an RN at a LTC. I will eventually be the only RN in the building during the weekend night shift. What will I gain from ACLS training? As a new nurse I am most afraid of not knowing how to act in an emergency situation; will ACLS help? Is there any other training that may help?
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    I work LTC and ACLS in my opinion wouldn't help in an emergency in LTC. Healthcare provider BLS yes but not ACLS

    Facility policy for my facility (owned by one of the largest SNF owners in the State) is initiate CPR (if they are full code) and call 911. The nusing facility does not have an AED or any of the meds used during resusitation.

    Of course getting your ACLS can only help. You can never have too much education or knowledge in my opinion.

    If your fearful of how to act/react during an emergency, review the P&P at your facility for emergencies. Do 'mock' emergencies at home, practice your Heimlich and CPR skills.
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    Thank you It's good to know I have the basic skills I need. I will definitely memorize the P&P.

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