"New" 2008 grad- help please!

  1. I graduated nursing school in May of 2008. I had multiple job offers at the time but my husband is in the military and I got pregnant (unplanned). This led to me only being able to work for four months from January 2009-April 2009. I did not return b/c I was only allowed 4 weeks leave and my husband was deployed and it was a big mess. In any case...

    I'm trying to get back into the workforce now that my son is 3 years old and not having much luck. I know the job market is tough and I am just trying to see what I can do to get a RN job. I have my diploma in nursing, active RN license and a B.S. in an allied health field. The only thing I can think of is to go back to school for a RN to BSN program. But would that even help?!? I hate the keep spending more money and not be able to work. We move all the time so that doesn't help. I am at the mercy of the Army as to where we live and what the job market is like in that area.

    We will only be at our current station (outside DC) for one year leaving this summer and so far no luck with any applications so that's why I was considering school. We might move to outside the Richmond area next so I was looking into VCU but they only take BSN grads so that's what led me to the go back to school route.

    I guess my main question is- does being accepted and currently in a BSN program help to get a job? If hospitals only take BSN grads, would they consider someone currently in school? I'm also planning on taking a board refresher course this spring. Also am I still considered a 'new' grad even though I finished school years ago? I really want to participate in some type of residency program so I can feel more comfortable in the hospital again but I'm not even sure that I qualify.

    Any advice on what to do/not to do? Thanks!

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  3. by   perioddrama
    The definition of "new grads" varies between hospitals. Some hospitals state a new grad as having less than 1 year of paid RN experience. Other hospitals state a new grad as having graduated nursing school within the year before the residency's start date. At least, that's how it currently is here in CA.

    I see a lot of job postings saying BSN required or preferred, so it may be a good idea to get your BSN.

    Good luck!
  4. by   momathoner09
    Thank you for your input. I guess the only way to know is to call each hospital.
  5. by   RNwannabeCNM
    Hi Fitnessangel,

    I am in a similar boat is you - graduated in 2010 but then PCSd to an overseas posting, where I was very lucky to get a part-time clinic job. Had to leave that job for another PCS in 2012 so went back for my RN-BSN, which I will finish in August, but now haven't worked for a year. Have you had any luck finding a job? I'm just starting out in the DC area but don't really know where to look.

    I hope you've had some luck!