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    I have just acccepted a position as the Staff Development/Infection Control Coordinater in a LTC facility. Does anyone know of any good resources/web sites? Any info would be much appreciated. Thanks!

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    Hey there--I'm also new to the SDC scene. If you come up with anything I'd like to know too. It's hard to find anything except for sparse hosp. association offerings. I need help!
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    I am also in a Staff Development Coordinator position and could use any good websites/resources anyone could send my way. Thanks.
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    I was on the net surfing through all kinds of sites, trying to find fun games for large groups of people. Couldn't find anything new or exciting. I have in-services with large groups of people at the same facility. I like to mix education with fun and it is hard coming up with new ideas. Any ideas out there?
    I work in 105 bed facility that has an East and West and have debated having competitions between the two sides that last over a week or know....the Battle of the East vs the West. Haven't quite figured out how yet but I am working on it! Everyone loves a little friendly competition! BEV
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    How about making a crosswork grid. Have the two sides make up a list of terms to use for crossword entries. They would make their own crosswords. It will be a great learning tool and make learning as part of the game and contest.

    Also, maybe a "Don't the Patients/Residents Say the Darndest Things" Contest? Builds team togetherness and makes for a light competion atmosphere.

    It is nice when contests are set up for "Everybody Wins" atmosphere.

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    Hello Everyone,

    This is my first post, but I have been lurking for a long time. I am a staff development Coordinator for a CCRC in Louisiana. My job includes in-services for all departments of our community. It is a very exciting job with alot of research. I have learned to prepare in-services for nursing staff as well as Food and Beverage staff. I am interested in swapping any ideas with all of you. Our facility is very lucky we subscribe to the LTCN, a satellite dedicated to LTC education. My email address is if anyone would like to talk.
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    A site I have used is it offers good inservices for your staff. It costs a little but it will save you time creating new inservices yourself. Also use your vendors. Most vendors offer education for your staff on a variety of topics. Try first the companies you use for wound care and pressure relief. Your fire department usually does training for there people and may also do fire prevention, fire extinguisher use, and evacuation for your staff. For your nurses you can put together a variety of sites they can access for a small yearly fee to get all their ceus. Try this and let me know how it worked.
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    I have been a DSD for 3 years now. I creat everything by hand because there doesn't seem to be a budget for items that are not used in the patients rooms.

    I enjoy writting lessons plans but don't always have the time. I am the xerox queen. Why re-invent the wheel? I like to swap and share. We all started somewhere. We all have the same focus.

    email me if needed .... not sure if I can help but it is nice to have another DSD to discuss issues and projects with as we are usually only one to a company.

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    I was DSD for a year and one of the fun ways I used for infection control was giving the staff a pair of gloves to put on, they would have to close there eyes and i would put some paint on their hands. They would then have to pretend they were washing their hands and when they thought they were done they would open their and discover area's that they missed. Was a great tool to remind them of good hand washing tech. Just an idea. As I think of more, I will share them. Hope this helps.
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    Was a DSD for 8 years before I gave it up and went on to MDS's. I used competition a lot for all sorts of things. Post the weekly skin number, accident numbers, employee incidents, etc. Nobody wants there station to be the worst. You can also make up games like wheel of furtune, Jeopardy (I used bells purchased from the dollar store) Pyramid. The winning station or shift got a special prize. Maybe just a box of cookies or candy but it was thewinning they mostly liked. Administrators will sometimes kick in the $ for small prizes if you discuss it with them. Good luck to all you new DSD's. It's a very hard job but can be rewarding. Most states have an annual DSD conference that is worth going too. Lots of ideas picked up there.

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