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  1. 0 Hi all,

    How much do nursing home staff development nurses typically make to start? I live in Massachusetts and so any information about the salary in this area would be helpful. Thanks!

    What about hospital staff development nurses (but not a clinical nurse specialist/educator)?
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    My friend is the SDC (staff development coordinator) at a LTC facility in Texas owned by Kindred Healthcare, and she earns approximately $40 hourly ($80k annually). She has only been on the job for a couple of months, has no previous management experience, and earned her RN license earlier this year after having been an LVN/LPN for 4 years.
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    Very helpful, thanks
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    Wow...I really feel underpaid. I'm ADON, SDC,and IC and run the QA quarterly meetings. i get paid $26.50/hr.
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    Dear Do Good. You are underpaid. Take your valuable experience and find a head hunter to get you in a better paying position. Good luck!!
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    I think $30 is too low too? What do you think? How does your friend make 40, I wonder? Any tips or advice on how to get that salary. Thank you.
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    Note that the $40 per hour figure is for a place in Texas. Different parts of the country have VERY different pay scales. Nurses in Texas tend to be higher paid than those in many parts of the country.

    I work in Staff Development for a hospital in a different part of the country. Over the years, we have never been able to recuit nurses from Texas for any type of educational or leadership position. Their salary expectations are far beyond what we can offer.

    I'm not criticizing the nurses in Texas, mind you. I think it is great that at least some of them are so well paid. It's just that you have to take geographic location and regional compensation patterns into consideration as you try to figure out what is reasonble to ask for in YOUR area of the country.
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    I make $109,000/yr in the pacific NW.
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    are you still an SDC or did you move to higher management?
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    I also get paid $40.00/ hr. here in Maryland, significantly lower than what I earn as a floor nurse. miss the holiday, weekend and differential pay. Now I know why a lot of my colleagues do not pursue higher education . I have a master's degree but earn significantly lower than them while working 5 days a week . :-(
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    I am currently applying for a staff development position and the last SDC made approx. $32/hr with 30 years experience. I currently make 29/hr in sub acute rehab as a floor nurse.
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    relative to geographic location. Where I live, staff nurses are making more than 26/hr, so a threat like this would not help me figure it out. I think a better question to ask would be, how much more does an educator make than a staff nurse, or a manager? I was recently told that staff educators do not make as much as managers (I am in academia, so I know we don't make as much as even staff nurses?). Can anyone speak to this?
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    Do_good You are underpaid.