Should I do an MSN or RN to MSN program

  1. 0 I am looking at getting my MSN in education. I have an ADN and BA in a different field. I have been talking to several schools and am being told 2 different things. Some schools say I don't have to have my BSN along with my MSN to teach while some schools say you are required to have both to ever teach outside of a hospital. Does anyone know which is true or is it just dependent on each state's board of nursing?
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    From what I understand, a majority of the RN-MSN programs integrate the BSN into the program. When you matriculate, you will complete your BSN courses, then go into the MSN coursework, graduating with both a BSN and MSN.
    Im unsure of the requirements to teach, besides having a MSN
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    It is confusing, and I also believe the requirements for teaching in the classroom depend on the State Board of Nursing where you practice. I think that you need to differentiate between the Master's degreed you are discussing. There are MSN and MS degrees.... If you already have a BSN, I think an MS degree is fine for teaching in many states. However, some nurses already have a BS (not a BSN) and when they get their ADN and have practiced for a certain length of time, then are allowed to take a bridge MSN program to achieve their MSN. I guess what I'm saying is that an MS degree means nothing in nursing without a BSN too, but you can have an MSN without a BSN... Sorry if that is way confusing and not helpful.
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