Proprietary School Job Offer

  1. I was offered a job at a proprietary school in the LPN program teaching my passion- maternal child health. The hours are perfect for having small children, the job is what my expertise is in, and I'd finally be able to put my MSN to use!!!

    I can't afford to be adjunct at the community college around here- the pay is not enough to cover the day care I would need. I can stay at my LDRP floor PRN, but I can't work nights any longer (lack of child care).

    While I am only 28, will accepting this position would affect my chances at being tenure track faculty someday down the road?

    ETA: I also have another job offer that would diversify my career and hopefully make me a more well rounded nurse, that also is a day job with no holidays- but it requires some travel.
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  3. by   Whispera
    Proprietary means for profit? If so, you have to be careful when taking a job. Sometimes for-profit schools don't screen who attends, and also don't uphold standards in classes. It can be a nightmare for an instructor. Is the school accredited? That's something to consider too.
  4. by   Mary C
    I believe they're Nationally accredited, not regionally. Thank you.
  5. by   Whispera
    I'd ask who accredited the school. The National League of Nursing? Is the school approved/accredited by its state board of nursing?
  6. by   Mary C
    It's a very new nursing program- LPN since 2008 and ADN last year. They're in candidacy status with NLNAC and have been approved by our BON. The NCLEX-PN passing rate is slightly higher than state average but NCLEX-RN is slightly lower.I'm really looking for the experience to see if a career in education is for me before i pursue a masters in education. I will retain my PRN position at my current hospital in case things don't work out. I think it's worth a shot.
  7. by   mysnurse
    I agree with Whispera, I currently work at a proprietary school now after teaching in a community college and it has been an awful experience. Proprietary schools are businesses and not institutes of higher learning. Any decisions made will be made based on the ability to make a larger profit....However, it will give you education experience so it is worth a try for you I suppose.
  8. by   Mary C
    I have two interviews as a maternal child nurse at health department and as a nurse recruiter. I think k will still take them, I don't start school until mid-sepr.