PN students wear white or they choose color?

  1. hello, have a question: should the pn students wear white uniforms or be able to choose their own colors?

    in rural area that has worn white since 1985, this class and others hate to wear white, they all complain. the students went to administration and so now administration has told us to allow the students to choose what color. just wondering what others think.
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  3. by   Whispera
    I think you could be setting things up for some wild scrubs. They can wear anything and not just everyone wears the same?
  4. by   BigBadInstructor
    My students also complained about the white pants they had to wear and the same pink top that dietary aids wore. Once there was a change in program directors, the faculty and students met, and went over different uniform styles and colors until there was a consensus. Then we had a fashion show. We had 4 different colors and styles, all plain colors, tops and bottoms the same. The students then voted and we are still using the winner. We have a program patch on one arm, and a name tag also. Students have to be identifiable and different from staff. This has cut down to no complaints.
  5. by   Whispera
    One thing about white pants is you can easily see undies under them. Students where I taught brought that issue before the dean, since they were expected to wear specific white pants, and there was a change to more opaque white pants made.