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Interested to see who decided or is deciding to continue their education in Nursing education, which path did you choose to take, why and what program are you in or looking at? I'm currently in an MSNed program and looking... Read More

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    I would love to work in education and do research on education. So you do not think that getting an EdD in, for example, curriculum development will not make me a better educator? Or will everything just overlap? Am I over thinking this? I am having a hard time obtaining an educator position so I am really frustrated and feel like if I have a degree in this and a degree in that, all pertaining to nursing education, then I will finally land a job. I have decided to obtain my PhD but I was not sure if the EdD will enhance my education or just be a waste of time.

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    Quote from llg
    I did a PhD program several years ago. It qualifies me to teach at a university and also to work in a hospital as a researcher and in Staff Development. It's a degree that works in both the academic and practice environments.
    I would like to be able to have both of these options, like you, llg. Seems like PhD will do it then?

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