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Interested to see who decided or is deciding to continue their education in Nursing education, which path did you choose to take, why and what program are you in or looking at? I'm currently in an MSNed program and looking... Read More

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    I would highly recommend anyone considering a Phd or EdD to do it as early as possible. Most other professions have people obtain their doctoral degrees before they are 30, and they have a much longer (and possibly more productive) research career. You will need to have a good idea of a research topic before entering, but you don't have to stick with the topic for the rest of your career. It would be best if it was in an area you wanted to continue in though. Also, most nursing schools do not differ in their views of EdD versus PhD. Both degrees have a long histoy in nursing (the EdD being one of the first doctoral degrees for nurses). The EdD also has a strong emphasis on research design. The DNP is great also if you want a clinical focus. Remember that many universities will not give tenure to a DNP. Also, with so many DNP programs becoming available you will need a PhD or EdD to set yourself aside from the competition for faculty positions. Also, many large universities strive for diversity in faculty. You do not have to be a nurse to hold a faculty position. Some of my professors are psychologists and statisticians. It is possible to do research on nursing related phenomenon without actually being a nurse. At the doctoral level there is a lot of interdisciplinary overlap.
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    The University of Southern Indiana's DNP program is NOT just for APRNs. One can design an educational focus or leadership/ management focus into the program. My director just completed it. Added bonus, it is 99% online and requires just a few campus weekend visits.

    University Of Southern Indiana

    PS: REASONABLE price, too!
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    BCRNA: Thank you so much for your encouraging words. That makes me feel very confident in my potential for pursuing my doctorate before 30. I do know the area I would like to focus on and am giving myself a few years to figure out exactly what specifically I would like to focus my research on. Very helpful, thank you.

    meanmaryjean: Wow! I am definitely going to look more into that program. This is great because it gives me more options in pursuing my doctorate! And I followed your link and they are VERY reasonably priced for a doctoral degree

    You all have made me very excited about my future career options and possibilities!
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    I know this is an old thread. I was enrolled in an EdD program once. At the Doctorate level of education you are really learning to be a knowledge generator rather than a consumer through an apprenticeship. Yes you take classes but it's preparation to be a researcher. You should select a program based on the faculty as that will shape education. I left the program because my adviser didn't get tenure and no other professor could guide me in my topic.
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    Also PhD programs are focused on training theoretical researchers. EdD usually for training practical researchers.
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    I obtained my MSN/Ed this past February. I am considering both EdD and PhD. But i am not sure which to do first? What do you recommend?
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    In general if you see yourself doing research because you want to know why and don't care about practical applications go for the PhD. If want to apply theoretical research results to solve real world problems go for the EdD.
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    PhD for me! When I was trying to decide, most told me that the PhD is the “gold standard”. I like research and had a couple of research topics in mind when applying. You just need the idea-you will not be held responsible to create your question before classes started. I ended up tweaking my interest just a smidge. Good luck!
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    I just received my Ed.D from Walden University. I decided to go for an Ed.D instead of Ph.D because I believe in being a scholar/practitioner. Both of the degrees are terminal degrees and are research-based. However, unlike the Ph.D degree that prepares researchers and educators, the Ed.D is an educational based degree that prepares one to be a practicing educational researcher. For Ed.D, the Walden program insists on Project study instead of just dissertation. So you do a research and use the results to develop a project. It was tedious but exciting.

    Good luck! I am proud of you that you are considering this educational journey.
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    Quote from lecavalier4
    I obtained my MSN/Ed this past February. I am considering both EdD and PhD. But i am not sure which to do first? What do you recommend?
    Do you plan to work in education and do research on education? If not, then it makes no sense to get an EdD. It is a terminal degree in education that a lot of nursing school administrators have -- and others who want to focus on nursing education.