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    check out univ of michigan's virtual university design and technology : vudat teaching and learning website

    over a hundred articles to guide you through the development and teaching of online and blended courses, including administrative procedures, pedagogy considerations, web design and technology.
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    I found the webstie very helpful. Thanks!
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    Thanks, I found this website to be very helpful.

    If anyone is looking for useful and informative articles on just about anything concerning teaching, learning, etc., I recommend this site. I think, the it requires registration for free, if I am not mistaken.

    Let me know what you think of this site. Thanks.
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    Here is another site that I have used and learned from (a lot) when I was just starting as a clinical instructor.

    Thanks and check it out.
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    Thank you, Ace1Rnelp. These sites are valuable indeed
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    You are welcome, Vicky. I just want to be as helpful as you and the rest of the posters of the out htere.
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    Hi everyone, thanks for the valuable resources. I'm accepting a position as a clinical instructor and its my first as a nurse educator. As many of you remember its a scary yet thrilling time in my career! The resources here have been excellent and thank you for the support. ~Nancy

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