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Online Nursing Instructor

  1. 0 I will be recieving my MSN in Nursing Educator. My goal is to teach Nursing online but have been unable to find any information on the wages for online instructors, benefits, number of classes an average instructor teaches at a time to be full or part time, number of hours typically needed per credit of teaching or per class. Any info would be greatly appreciated!!!
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    Many online instructors are adjuncts -- and get minimal pay and benefits. For adjunct instructors, I've heard a range of $2500 to $4600 per course, with no benefits unless unless you are a full time or part time budgeted employee. (Part time with a contract is different than adjunct.) I teach 1 coure per year and was paid $4600 for it in 2010, but I think I got a bit extra because I have taught that course for several years and am the official course coordinator for it.

    The other people who teach online are regular factulty members who teach some online courses in addition to their other faculty responsibilities. They have contracts just like all faculty members and are paid the same (though there might be some small bonus for teaching online - e.g. a few hundred dollars per course).
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    I also want to look into online education as an educator. How do you find out about jobs? How do you apply? How often if any would you be required to go to the campus?
    ALso--what help do you receive in setting up your online course--since so many campuses use different systems?
    I hope some online instructors will write back to us.
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    Do you have any experience teaching in the classroom? I finished my MSN last year with hopes of teaching online and I can tell you now, there are zero positions for MSN nurse educators with no experience teaching in the classroom. I have spent probably one hundred hours doing job searches for something I would qualify for, and there just arent the jobs right now. And I would say 80% of the jobs I have found online require a doctorate, not just MSN.
    If you DO have classroom experience, I see positions sometimes advertised at Kaplan.
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    Oh my, that scares me I'm mid-way through my MSN in education now, I am currently teaching medical surgical I and II in a LPN program does that count? HELP.
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    Quote from SRDAVIS
    Oh my, that scares me I'm mid-way through my MSN in education now, I am currently teaching medical surgical I and II in a LPN program does that count? HELP.
    Yes I am sure it will count. It is important to also look at what recruiters are looking for. If you have no experience in teaching how will you manage an online classroom that is more difficult? BUT do not give up!!! Apply and sell yourself. Having no experience does not disqualify you. REMEMBER nurses ARE TEACHERS. We teach everyday! Sell yourself... and the phone will start ringing :-)