Nursing Student Cartoons - faculty free to use

  1. hi educators,

    are you aware of our nursing student cartoons? it may help you ad a humor element into your lectures please feel free to use them in your lectures and powerpoints etc..., just reference as the source we hope you and your students enjoy the cartoons!

    if you have any suggestions for nursing student cartoons that you would like to see, please send in your comments here:
    have a cartoon idea? share it with us

    you can always find the cartoons under the "students" tab, see screenshot below:

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  3. by   orthonurse55
    Thanks Brian! I teach CNA students but I think they will still be able to relate to some of these!
  4. by   VickyRN
    Thanks, Brian! Always looking for innovative ways to spruce up my PowerPoints! What great resources
  5. by   np2b2012
    thank you for that. i teach in a lpn program. i am tough on them,but i like to mix a little comedy in there too! :-)