Nursing Professional Development Certification

  1. 0 HELP!!!!! I am taking the exam in a week and have studied, but am starting to have a panic attack that maybe I should have done some online test questions. I purchased a study book and have been working with this, but does anyone have any resources where I can take some sample tests?

    Has anyone been through this certification .... any pointers or guidance? There is nothing in the recent forums about the certification exam.

    Any help would be great! Thanks.
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    Sorry I don't have any help to offer ... but I am thinking of taking the same exam later this year and hope someone will chime in.

    Good luck!
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    How did everything go?

    I wil be taking this exam in 2010-I finally meet all of the requirements

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    What is the Nursing Professional Development Certification? Sorry, I have no idea what it is. Hope it went well for you!
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    It's the specialty of the people who do staff development, orientation, continuing education, etc.

    For detailed information, I suggest you check out 2 websites -- the one for ANCC (the ANA's certification corporation) -- and the one for the NNSD0 (the National Nurses in Staff Development Organization). NNSDO is the main professional group for that nursing specialty and ANCC provides the certification mechanism.
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    I took it several years ago. During the test I had a hypoglycemic event, crashed, had to be rescued, was able to finish before time limit and still passed. So I think you have a good chance.
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    I am studying for the Nursing Professional Development certification exam. Unfortunately, there are no review courses near where I live. I bought the NPD certification review manual from ANCC, but it only has 40 practice questions.

    Has anyone used the Core Curriculum for Staff Development book that you can buy from NNSDO? I know it's over 600 pages, but I heard there is a question bank in it - anyone know how many questions and are they helpful??? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you!

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