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    I recently did some nutrition education for the high school students at one of the schools I serve. I did a rough lesson plan, objectives, etc. We (the group of school nurses I work with) are trying to get an education bundle, so in the future, if someone else needs to do a nutrition session, they just pick up the packet and do not have to worry about reinventing the wheel.
    Is there someplace that has a good way to organize the lesson plan? As I said, I have a very rough draft, but want it to look good and official. Any recommended websites or resources?

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    Offical lesson plans in public schools take this format:

    1. Behavioral objective(s): by ______ (time), students will ________ (what you can see, hear, read, etc., that you can use as evidence that they got the point)

    2. Materials needed.

    3. Steps you will facilitate/implement to accomplish the objective(s).

    4. Method of evaluation used to see if objectives were reached (this refers back to the objective evidence--student will state, list, describe, etc.)

    I hope this is helpful. It's a quick idea at least

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