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I have been teaching for three years now. I love my job. From the time I was in my ADN program, I knew this is what I wanted to do. I attribute this to a couple of the instructors I had. They... Read More

  1. by   morte
    if nurse educators self policed, and removed the conniving ********, things would be better.....and this is coming from one of the oldest posters here.....
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  2. by   CrystalClear75
    Most of the instructors I've had in nursing school were all around good teachers in general and even though some of them were "known" for giving out difficult tests that many of the students complained about, I always knew there was a good reason why, it wasn't because they were out to get them, nursing is a tough profession that comes with a lot of responsibility and it's absolutely vital that we know our stuff...I never had that feeling the instructors were out to get me in the "theory" part of the program.

    On the other hand during my experience in nursing school, some of "clinical" instructors seemed to not be interested in teaching the students, and there is a few of them that I can think of off hand. One example, the instructor would get very irritated(could tell by the tone of their voice) when asked a question. So ever since I had that experience of irritating the instructor, I was afraid to ask questions which did hurt me the long run in the clinical area but I won't even go there. So I don't believe that some of these instructors are necessarily "out to get" students, I just think that they forgot what it's like to be a student and/or have low tolerance for patience. They need to understand the level of anxiety some of us students have especially when facing the situation of having a difficult instructor. You can't learn under anxiety, and many instructors are known to cause it in many students(again based on my experience). Some of them are the total opposite of being nice, I understand you can't be too nice but that's my take.
  3. by   LearningtoTeachRN
    Thank you very much for the reply-I did not think in terms of things learned in calssroom v/s real world nursing. Things do not and cannot go by the book when taking care of actual patients, and I think sometimes my students do not fully understand this. I will take your advice and put it to practice-thanks