How to Engage ER nurses in Clinical Education

  1. I am preparing for an interview for a Clinical Educator position and the Nurse Manager for the ER will participate in the interview. I have very limited ER experience but have noted that in my institution the ER nurses are resistant to education. I am concerned that the manager will ask me how I plan to conquer that during my interview. Any creative suggestions ? I would like to have RNs select their ER peers whom they would like to have present mini-ed sessions jointly with the new Clinical Educator (hopefully ME) so they can show their knowledge and integrate me into their environment. Include MDs as presenters if desired by RN staff. Have RNs select topics. Would like to provide monthly case studies with ECG, labs, radiology to challenge seasoned staff. Any other ideas?
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  3. by   WineCountryRN
    Did you get the job? Do you what to chat about some ideas to mix it up? I have been doing education for 4 years the last 1.5 being in the ED. The ED is a different breed of nurse...teaching needed to be brief and interactive. I would highly recommend attending a National Nursing Staff Development Conference for some GREAT ideas. good luck and PM if you have questions.
  4. by   Sanuk
    I think having experienced clinicians give presentations is a good idea - especially if you don't have an ER or critical care background. I also agree that it should be brief and should be offered at more than one time. Nothing p's off the night nurses like having to come in on a day off in the middle of my sleep time for an inservice.
  5. by   Nancycal
    Yes, thanks. I did get the job. ED nurses have told me they are happy to have an educator again after going without for a while. My proposal for using local talent, delivering case studies with MD participation were met well. Hope to be able to have time to devote to my pet projects!