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Hello everyone.. I am new in the forum world. I just wanted to know if anyone knew how to become an online nursing instructor. For now, Bye.... Read More

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    how was teaching online?... im thinking about it.. pretty nervous.
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    I have been teaching in an academic institution for 3 years and am very interested in teaching online. I have some experience with online teaching, but would like to obtain more. First, how do I learn more about online teaching? Second, should I contact individual universities to seek part-time emplyment? As a DNP, I do have the qualifications to teach in higher level education, however not the experience with online teaching. Thank you for any comments or suggestions.
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    What about asking to teach online courses in your academic institution (if they are offering any)? You could also see if any universities or colleges in your area have online courses for which you would qualify.
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    Thank you VickyRN for the suggestion. The courses are already spoken for by senior faculty. But I will continue to request for the opportunity. I appreciate your comment.

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