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It’s a sad and indisputable fact that our society is becoming increasingly rude and narcissistic. The emphasis now is on an individual’s “rights,” but not taking personal responsibility or accepting the consequences for one’s... Read More

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    I am a older student and must say I was agast at the way students behaved in my LPN class. Rude, load and vulgar. The one teacher encouraged them and they all became drinking buddies after class. (one student had a DUI accident, killing someone the night before their NCLEX) I think if we as nurse want to be seen, treated and payed as professionals we need to act it. The class room should be a place to learn how to behave as an adult and as a professional. I am in a RN program that is online so I don't have much interaction with other students now!

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    Hello everyone i am a pre nursing student i am very inspired by all the professional people
    on ALLNURSES i am happy to be a part of this forum and am looking forward to nursing school and fullfilling my life long dream of a nursing career Thank you for allowing me to respond here.
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    OMG....Student Incivility is why I quit teaching nursing school 2 yrs ago after 6 years of FT teaching!!! Their sense of entitlement and the rudeness was the most unfortunate part of teaching!!! I only went to school 15 years ago.....boy, have times changed!!!
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    I also see a certain sense of entitlement and incivility in people who are younger than I. I have frequently wondered if it's not just me, the old guy. I don't think so.

    I believe that we have stopped having expectations of others, particularly younger people and there is absolutely nothing wrong with having adult expectations of ourselves and those around us.

    A certain 23 year old I know is completely incapable of functioning in the adult world she now lives in and consequently chooses to remain (mentally) in the world she grew up in where she was never expected to do anything she didn't WANT to do.

    This is terribly sad to see.
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    As a student I find it very frustrating when others are talking, texting, and surfing the internet in class. I find myself hoping the professor will say something to put an end to these activities during class. I know other students feel the same way but we don't want to say anything to the other students. Mostly for fear of offending someone who has connections or they may end up part of a group activity.
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    The street smart trashy gals who lie to get free funding for their college, who told me put your car in your momma's name, rent a trailer, don't own anything - who could somehow afford all those cigarettes. The group of the smart kids that sit on the 4th row - yep all 7 of them had old tests - BIG advantage as in answers. This age - "don't snitch"...but the rest of us knew and we won't forget how you cheated to get through school. Don't be so blind teachers. Have heart for those who come to class and don't get the hand me down everythings. Have heart for the older nursing student that have teens at home doing their best who spend 24,000 of their hard saved money to get into a field dominated by young, rude, classless, lazy gals (its not our job) who are "robots" when it comes to patient care.
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    It is possible that the new grad never even had the opportunity to place a patient on a bed pan while in school. Some of the nursing schools in my state have a difficult time placing students into clinical slots, even with the bare minimum hours required. My school was brutal on nursing theory, not nursing skills.

    And honestly, as a student, I thought(on med-surg) the aids/techs/whatever were responsible for that kind of work when possible and RNs were supposed to perform that function if it couldn't be delegated.

    Nursing school pushed for critical thinking; not technical skills. Technical skills were expected to be picked up on along the way.

    Quote from Haern
    These schools admit just about anyone today and it shows when you start precepting new grads, they're lazy and "oh, we have to hand out bedpans....I thought the aids did that." I actually worked with a girl who was going on to become a NP and the patient she had that night in the SICU, needed a soap suds enema. She said, I've never done that before. So I explained it to her and she goes "well, yeah, I know how to set it up, but what do you do after the fluid is in?" So this other nurse and I said, just put him on the bedpan. Then(get ready for this) she says "but how do I do that?" So the other nurse and I repeated ourselves and she says, "I've never done that before" and I said "put a patient on a bedpan?"! and she says "no". I said, "how the hell did you go through 4 years of nursing school without ever putting a patient on a bedpan? I was floored. Then she says, 'well, this isn't what I really want to do anyway. I'm going to school to become a neonatal NP. Oh, so I guess that excuses her from the "dirty" work.
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    It's been insane in my A&P class, and class is just getting started. I was sitting in the middle of the room, but opted to move myself up to the front. Too many students texting under the desks, talking, snickering, fiddling with their bags, etc. - the front of the classroom is the best place to be! You can't very well get too distracted up there by the others who care less about the course than you. I've recently had enough of my own person distractions (a toothache from a horrible molar!) and I'm too busy eliminating my personal ones, to try to eliminate others around me. My tooth is getting extracted this afternoon! Usually, I'm a procrastinator on these kind of (scary) things, but it's affecting my ability to focus 100% in lecture, so I'm getting it taken care of!

    All in all, the very front of the class is the place to be.
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    I am nursing faculty and find it inappropriate for electronic devices to be used in the classroom during my lecture. I am covering complicated disease processes in a short period of time and teaching critical thinking skills and new views to problem solving. How could you possibly grasp the difficult material while texting or surfing. Our policy names the use of these devices as "disruptive behavior" , and we have very clear expectations and outcomes. I review the policy with colorful projected pictures on my powerpoint during orientation and do not have a problem in the classroom. I believe in being up front at the beginning of the semester and consistent with all the students. My objective is to provide a peaceful learning environment.
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    ok ok ok

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