Help! Need orientation ideas

  1. Im currently creating a new orientation program for our ER, and I would love to hear any ideas on what y'all think are priorities for orienting RNs, PCAs, and clerks!

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  3. by   classicdame
    job descriptions. That sounds too basis I guess, but it amazes me how many people do not know what the BON says about delegation and scope of practice.
  4. by   HouTx
    Whatever your learner objectives, I would suggest "Less tell & more DO". Too many orientation programs are just too classroomy. I would also strongly suggest that you do follow-up evaluations 90 days afterward... to find out what was 'most helpful', 'least helpful' & 'what I wish I had been told'. This will help you keep on improving your program.

    Other ideas:
    • Customer Service role play (it's fun to be the gripey patient)
    • The Instrument Game - learner competition to identify pieces & parts from your common sterile trays
    • Get to know your partners- familiarization with first responders receiving departments (personnel, limitiations & strengths, etc.)
    • Shoot-outs: since rapid action is a highly desired characteristic of ED nurses, stage friendly competitions to see how fast learners can accurately perform various tasks while being coached by current staff members -- Cheesy prizes are always fun
  5. by   classicdame
    Thanks to rbezemek I thought of a book that has helped me a lot "Telling ain't Training". It walks you through creating objectives, planning with fun in mind, planning for different types of learners --- and is an easy read. My daughter is not a nurse, but found the book useful for her business training as well. I got mine from