Clinical Nurse Educator's Job description

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    Dear All,
    I need information regarding the job description of a clinical nurse educator. you can share your personal experience as well.
    thank you.

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    I just did a 10 page paper on the subject! It is a really broad job, not easily distilled. Try doing a lit search.

    Here are a few of things I found for a staff development clinical nurse educator (not the ones teaching student nurses) of a health care facility:
    -responsible for researching and dealing with sentinel events, designing courses to correct and prevent them.
    -provide general competency courses, as well as ones specialized for specific areas
    -provide for counseling and debriefing sessions
    -provide courses needed to meet JCAHO requirements
    -do research in house (mining charts for data) to see that patient health needs are met, as well as staff needs
    -orient new staff at appropriate levels, from new grads, to nurses in new areas, to specialists coming into their own area but new to facility
    -teach staff how to be good mentors and preceptors
    -bring in evidence based studies to update policy and procedures in house to maintain state of the art care
    -review and revise policy and procedures in general
    -recruit staff (nurse, doctor, other specialists) to give courses
    -know how, and apply for, continuing ed credits for courses given
    -bring in courses for National Certifications, help staff attend out of house certification courses
    -monitor and reimburse for tuition costs incurred by staff furthering their educations
    -provide cost analysis studies on the benefits of anything done, justify budgetary needs
    -prepare and present departmental budget to hospital/facility

    Hope that helps, I know your request was posted in June.

    I see you are in Lebanon, will pray for your safety.
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    Thank you JBudd for your reply, for all the research that you did and for praying for our safety.
    Thank you for the helpful information. I did a lot of research on this topic and I found as you did that the job description of the clinical nurse educator is very broad. in addition, I experienced that in my daily practice. I am a pediatric clinical Nurse educator. This is a new job that was introduced in our hospital. I feel also that the clinical nurse educator is taking care of many responsibilities at the same time. Really it is a tough job, although many people didn't recognize that.
    I would like to thank you another time for your information and I appreciate a lot to continue praying for our safety. I am praying to god to save my country from violence, blood,terrorism and non-human acts. God give us back our dreamland Lebanon.
    Thank you JBudd.
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    Your'e very welcome. Would you like a copy of my paper, or my bibliography?:icon_hug: :icon_hug: :icon_hug:
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    if you please, I'd like to have a copy of your paper or your bibliography.
    thank you a lot JBudd.
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    Should be on its way, private email. You're welcome!
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    I have been searching for just a job descirption that you mention. I have been in the PICU clinicial educator role for 2 years and continue to flounder with what the role incompasses. Management has the "lets see where it leads" attitude as this is a new position for our area. Can you send me a copy of your material? Thanks!
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    Hi Tizz,
    Haven't been back in here for a while. I'll look it up at home (not there right now) and try to get it to you. It isn't actually a job description in itself, it's a paper for one of my MSN classes, but I hope it'll help.
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    Hi JBudd
    I teach in a rural setting. The Nursing Tutors and Preceptors would benifit from your paper on the educator's job.Please send acopy.
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    Matterwise and Tizziwas,
    sorry, I tried to send the paper to you but it bounced back as too long. I sent you private emails.

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