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  1. I am planning for fall classes, however, I need to take Mico, chem, Nutrition, medical term and pharm before applying to the program. My over all GPA is a 3.78 bowever I do work very hard at it. I recieved a 4.0 in A&P and loved the class! Everyone is giving me BIG concerns about Pharm being to hard to take with chem. However, I was thinking of taking in the fall, Chem, nutrition and Phar....any imput to if this is going to be REALLY hard to achieve!? Thanks
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  3. by   BloomNurseRN
    My program has Pharm as a part of the program and it definitely was not an easy class. It sounds like you're not overwhelming yourself though. I had Med-Surg II lecture and clinical, Pharm, Chem, and Advanced Phsysiology last spring and that was rough. Good luck!
  4. by   somedaypeds
    I wouldn't take Pharm with Chem, but science is not my strongest subject so these would both be difficult classes for me. I would take Pharm with Nutrition or Medical Terminology.

    Just my two cents.
  5. by   Been there,done that
    My most difficult course was chemistry.
    Micro, chemistry , and pharm are the most intensive. Nutrition and medical terminology , much less so.

    Work it out to the best of your personal study skills and strong points. This is a question you really need to take to your school counselor.

    Good luck,keep us posted.