Any online DSD courses for LTC nurses? Any online DSD courses for LTC nurses? | allnurses

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Any online DSD courses for LTC nurses?

  1. 0 Does anyone know of any online DSD, Director of Staff Development Courses? I need the 24 hour DSD course to meet the title 22 requirements in California. Thank you!
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    Go to Offers an online class.
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    Thank you for that link, but I thought that the price was not something I could not afford and I did not care for the no refund policy However I did find that has a very affordable price ($49.99) and they donate their profits to a horse rescue ranch. I was able to get my application as a DSD instructor approved after I took their online DSD course..
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    #3 1 offers an official on-line Director of Staff Development course that is approved by the California Board of Registered Nursing. It only costs $99.
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    is this course a good one? is it informative?
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    Check out AALTCN | A Community to Advance Excellence in Long Term Care Nursing and they have a program for certification. :-D