Any Nurse Educators out there who teach in Medical Schools?

  1. I am an MSN prepared nurse who just landed a wonderful full time job but I am wondering if I am alone. I work for the School of Medicine at a large University and teach medical students (3rd year) and residents in general surgery. My background is OR nursing and I love this job because I get access to these doctors while they are young and have included in my instruction how to communicate and better work with nurses. This is a new wave of education for the med schools who are looking for RN's to assist in the education of doctors. I run the skills lab and act as a liason between students and faculty, pass off in suture and knot tying and will eventually pass them off on their lap skills. I LOVE it! But I wondered if anyone else is out there...I know you exist!! I am looking for others to collaborate with and bounce ideas off of....

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  3. by   marycarney
    That sounds like a great job! What med school ?
  4. by   rbs105
    Let's just say I'm in the west.... Still wishing to remain somewhat anonymous on here as I am the only one at the University and you would easily be able to identify me! If you go to the Association for Surgical Education website, there is a committee for nurses in surgical education that gives more information about the specialty. I have contacted some of the nurses on there and talked to some at other universities, but wondered if any were on here....!

  5. by   RNewbie
    Sounds like an interesting job, never thought about nurses in medical education. I love the thought of it! How many years of exp did you have before you became an educator?
  6. by   rbs105
    Sorry for the delay...I have been a RN for 6 years with mostly an OR background. I was the OR educator in my previous job and was over general surgery so I worked with the surgeons who are also faculty here. Have my MSN and have been teaching adjunct for 1.5 years....basically the stars aligned!