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I posted a thread a few days ago asking some advice on getting into nursing. I got three negative responses all recomending I try to find something in my feild first, the third was esspecially negative stating everythng that is... Read More

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    What Larry says is so true, Patti.

    I, for one, LOVE what I do and wouldn't consider doing anything else, for it is where I "belong" !

    That said, there ARE many situations and circumstances that do hurt us as nurses... after all, we do give so much of our own SELVES, that it hits hard when management and the "powers that be" take our plight so lighlty.

    But ATTITUDE... confidence in who you are as a person as well as a nurse, knowing your limits as to how much abuse you will tolerate on the job, and weeding out the important issues from the trivial all make up your overall personality... and how you perceive yourself, your place in the world of nursing, as well as your contentment with your chosen career.

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    Ditto to what LarryG and jnette said. If you believe nursing is what you feel strongly about pursuing, go for it with zesto! Wish you all the best in your endeavors to become a top notch nurse one day.
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    I graduated may 2003 with my lpn diploma and took a position at a nursing home that serves MR/DD. The in house census is at 60 and has been that way since I have started. (This is my 4th week working there.) Well, my first day there, state was there on a complaint. A nurse I graduated with has been there for 5 months and told me that it was about patient rights. Well, the end of my first week was hell. We only had 2 CNA's and 2 Nurses, so I had to help out with CNA work, no big deal right? I am still doing it til this day because they want to not show up or call off just because they want to have a day off. Then last week a CNA got suspended for hitting a res and blackening her eye. There goes another CNA. Then this week one of the LPN's calls off and leaves me by myself with 60 residents, 2 CNA's, kitchen people and 1 Activity person. Guess what happened? Anything and everything imaginable. This has also gone on since I have started, there are also around 3-5 residents almost every day falling and incident reports being written or residents getting into fights. I'm beginning to hate nursing. 2 nurses have threatened to quit already, and I think they are. State has been called on them again anonymously by word of mouth. These res. are getting no quality care whatsoever. I am finding that 4 res now have pressure ulcers on their scrotums and hip/buttock areas. Food trays being removed from a few for them eating too slow, the CNA's tell them they do not have time and just give them liquids and tell them to be on time for eating or hurry up and eat! I tell you what I think I am going to quit too. I do not want my lic pulled from me. My aunt who works for an ambulance service warned me not to even apply there. She said the State closed them down a few years ago for things of that nature or worse. I found online a report where they were being vs. by medicare and medicaid and had to pay monies back for some things. I told my mom about this and she said that I cant just quit on them because I have already quit a nursing job in a nother town due to the shift I was working did not work out with me and travelling 20 miles at 4 am and then get to bed at 5am and get up to take my son to school at 7 am and turn around and go in at 2 pm! also the gas prices being so high. (I live with my bf, he doesnt work and sits the 2 kids .) She said I have to at least stick it out for 4 years or no one will hire me that I will be a bad referneced nurse. But.....should I stay or go? I feel that the res arent being treated good at all. This is my vent. Let me know what you all think of this situation?
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    We all have those days when working at BurgerKing sounds glamerous compared to what we endure each day. Nurses are a special breed- the most caring and supportive bunch around. But how else can we deal with all we have to without complaining once in awhile?

    Yes- we are overworked and under appreciated. The money sucks, and the stress is horrendeous. Find we one person in any field who doesn't feel that way at one point or another.

    All in all- we are nurses for a reason-each and every one of us. Call it a duty or a calling, but we are who we are for a reason. Nursing is in our blood-it's who we are. And not many of us who stay nurses would be satisfied doing anything else.

    And the end of the day, I can say with a tired smile on my face, I made a difference. What else matters?
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    Well, I don't hate nursing. I have always wanted to be a nurse. I just don't like how we nurses are being treated. Then again, I have been on both sides. There are downfalls to almost everywhere else you work.

    We vent because it helps us. Our spouces don't necessarily want to hear about what is going on nor do they really understand why things upset us so much. This site gives us a chance to get it off our chests. We can make friends here. Most everyone here understands our rants.

    Please don't use the negative comments to make your decision. As one poster stated, we learn from each other. Perhaps in one situation, we can be alert or aware of something because we saw it here and may be able to handle the situation differently.

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