Without License What Occupation Can I Do?

  1. I don't know what to do can anyone give me advise of what route to go. I let my license lapse about 20 years ago. My son was born, and didn't think I would ever go back to nursing. I am in the process of taking a nursing review course.

    A few years ago, I decided the best route for me was to take nursing all over again. The board told me I can't do that, I have to take a review.

    I am taking the review online, which is different. Also some of the things when I was in nursing school was not required. I did not have to know how to do a head to toe assessment, just know that it is there. Never had to do IV, there was a IV team, the same for drawing blood. Now, 20 years later, they expect you to watch a video and then be tested. I thought that you would have a few days to get the hands on, and then be testing. I am the type of person that likes hands on experience. I waited 5 years to take the course, and now I am devastated. I would rather take a nursing course all over again. Even doing the didactic part, you don't have time to study. Just read the info, and take the test. I realize this review. But, really since I have been out for so long why does the board not allow me to take a nursing course all over again. I am doing terribly. I have never failed anything in my life. Is there anything where I can get hands on. I think some of the nurses take the course have only been out for 5 years. They still have the freshness and still remember the hands on. But, I don't remember how do do certain things, and I feel hands on is best. I don't understand how they expect someone that has not done something in years to just review on a video, and then test. I have to have some hands on experience.

    I don't do very well with review. My best bet is to take a course all over again.

    My question what can I do with out my nursing license? Does anyone have suggestions of what occupation I can do without a license. It is true I can't get certified for CNA, or go to school for LPN since it is out of my scope of nursing? Is this correct. I love the medical field and want to do something with my college degree. Or go out of it totally. I was thinking maybe doing coding.
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  3. by   HouTx
    I'm a bit puzzled about the curriculum of your nursing program. I got my BSN in '80 & physical assessment, including a head-to-to, was a major part of our first year of clinicals. But, you're right - nursing practice has changed dramatically over the last 20 years. The pace of change seems to be increasing and isn't going to slow down in the foreseeable future. I would imagine that adapting to a completely online learning method is very different for you also. As an educator, I find it very unrealistic to expect you to master the 'hands on' components if the course does not provide a practicum or at least simulation lab. Are these resources available?

    Since you let your license lapse, I would think that you are no different from other "lay people" when it comes to nursing... don't know why you couldn't simply enroll in another program at this point. Have you talked with admissions advisors at those programs?

    I don't really have any other advice or clear answers for you - just wanted you to know that you have been heard.
  4. by   elkpark
    I also was in nursing school in the early '80s (a hospital-based diploma school), and head-to-toe assessment and IV skills were basic epectations of the program, and RNs at the time.

    I also wonder how the BON can tell you you "can't" go to nursing school again, if you want to. I would talk to some nursing programs in your area about that. Also, as you mentioned, coding and possibly medical transcription might be posibilities for you. However, there's not much you can do in healthcare these days that doesn't require some kind of license or formal certification.

    Best wishes!