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Which would you choose??

  1. 0 Which would you choose for a CNA training course?? I am faced with these three options:

    An 8-week course with the Red Cross that costs $595

    A 4-week paid ($10/hour) training course, 1 week in classroom, 3 weeks practical, in a local, large nursing home.


    A limited-number (5 trainees) two-week training course at a Rehabilitation Center for the Aged.

    I am leaning towards deciding between the last two, because one pays me and the other is only 2 weeks.... but is 2 weeks enough time to learn to be a CNA?


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    When I did my CNA classes I did a 2 week one, I think I learned alot in it. Besides it is like any other job you learn as you work too.
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    There is certain material that any of the programs are required to teach you.
    Most of what you learn after your course will be the way things will be done at your facility. I would definitely not go for the first program. If you can get into the 2 week program, go for that, otherwise you have the other to fall back on.

    Good luck.............
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    Ok, that is good advice. I have to apply for the two-week one, and they only accept a select number of people. But the nice thing about the nursing home 4-week program is that I can walk there from home, so that makes it easier. I think I will turn down the Red Cross idea, because of the time commitment, cost, and the fact that I have "heard" that it is not such a great program.

    Thanks for the advice!