Whats other places can you work??

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    What places can you work other than the HOSPITAL with a RN associates degree?? Best places to get hired?
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    Nursing homes
    Long-term care
    assisted living
    doctor's offices
    public/community health (health department, planned parenthood, etc)
    Public schools
    Home health care
    Insurance companies
    Urgent care clinics
    Cruise ships

    And probably numerous others I can't think of at the moment.

    The best place to work is a)the place that hires you and b)a place that you enjoy if first satisfying part a.
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    Case management (in the hospital but I am sure there are other ways)
    Mental health facilities
    Outpatient stand alone surgical centers
    Dialysis centers
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    Do all places pay the same
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    No, all places do NOT pay the same. Just like any other industry, the pay varies by education, experience, facility, whether or not there is a union. Same as working McDonalds vs. Wendys vs. Burger King the wages can vary by $1 or more for similar work.
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    Salary is generally driven by market forces. The harder a job is to fill, the more it pays. The "hard to fill" may due to a number of things but there are two factors that make the most difference:
    1. Availability of qualified candidates - lots of qualified applicants = lower salary needed to attract them
    2. The "unpleasantness" of the job - risky, unsatisfying work setting, poor job satisfaction of incumbents, high turnover, very physically demanding, etc.