What would you do???

  1. So, I have been applying, calling, and everything else I can think of ... hoping to get an interview. I applied for this job 6-12-11 and called last week to follow up... The nurse recruiter told me that she would forward my application to the hiring director AND she would let me know either way - with a call if I got an interview, and with an e-mail if not. I am REALLY hoping that this door opens wide! It is the specialty I desire to work in and the location is perfect
    I am trying to stay positive AND patient
    Should I call her back to follow-up at any point? I am just wondering bc I have had recruiters tell me this very thing and say that I would receive a call-back either way...and never did. The difference is that she told me her method of contact in the case of no interview which is really nice bc nobody's done that before... but my past experiences still cause me to want to take it into my own hands and call her - rather than wait and trust. :spin:
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  3. by   solneeshka
    It's been a couple of weeks. IMHO, it would be fine to follow up. Good luck!