What to expect during new hire RN orientation.

  1. I am a new RN and will be on orientation for new hire all this week. what can I expect when it comes to the RN class part? will there be pharm test etc?! thanks in advance.
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  3. by   pennylane18
    Hi! Congrats on your new job! Well, it depends on the company. Is it a hospital or LTC? What unit will you be in? Pharmacology test is really simple basic questions. Mostly about blood pressure medications, beta blockers; narcotics and medication interaction. Don't stress about them because your company will likely tell you what scope will it cover.

    Is this your very first job? Do you have certifications like BLS, ACLS, PALS, IV? If you don't, make sure to tell your educator that you're missing those so they can schedule you in those classes.

    Usually on the first day, it will be about the company, the goals, mission and vision and the whole company profile. The legal aspects and your job description. They'll talk about the mandatory orientation such as abuse, pay, benefits and etc.

    Second or third day would focus on your skills and your roles and what is expected of you. The company tour will be done on this day too. Fourth day, you'd go on the floor and shadow the nurses. This could last for weeks depends on the company. (be sure to ask this: how long will your orientation last?)

    Be sure to write down questions so you'd know what to expect when hired. Like: how long does my orientation last? how much i get paid? hourly or salaried? when's the payday? what are the benefits? do you have direct deposit? do you have a union for nurses? When are the legal holidays?
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    Thank you very much for replying.I'll be working on a Med/Surg unit during night shift. I believe pharm test will be sometime next week. How hard are those questions? I do have BLS certification and will take classes for ACLS and PALS when offered. It has been an interesting experience so far... from buying my first official scrub, getting a badge with RN on it, meeting new people but of course nervous about being on the floor.
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    Be sure to 'take charge' of your own orientation in terms of being responsible for completing all the paperwork, checklists, etc. Make sure you know exactly what you are expected to accomplish, and WHEN it should be accomplished so you won't have any surprises. If possible, maintain physical possession of all of your orientation documentation forms... so you can avoid having to repeat things just because your preceptor failed to document it correctly. It happens - they're busy and you are not their top priority.

    Take advantage of any training opportunities that come along. Offer to participate in department activities such as committees or task forces - this provides a very valuable window into the culture of your new workplace.

    Have fun and enjoy.
  6. by   LooneyRN
    Thank you for the tips