What next?

  1. Hello, good day to you all.
    I recently passed the NCLEX last December 2016, and was registered at May 2017.

    I don't know what to do afterwards. I was thinking of maybe getting an I.D. or some kind of paper for proof of me passing the exam.
    I have a problem, because I do not seem to have some sort of ID, paper or other kind of proof to show that I am an RN already.

    My name shows up in the license lookup page as a registered nurse, I also had the letter the NCSBN sent me that I passed the exam, but besides that, I have no other proof.

    What should I do to get some sort of ID, diploma-like-thingy to show, or something?

    Thanks in advanced. And God bless to you all!
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  3. by   Silverdragon102
    Why would you want paper proof if your name appears online on state website?
  4. by   FullGlass
    It depends on the state you are licensed in. For example, Maryland does not provide any sort of paper ID. It's all online. In contrast, California, does provide a paper ID card. Check with your state BON. As long as you show up as an RN online, you are fine.