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What is a BA in Nursing?

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    Im a nursing major at a california JC looking to transfer to a nursing program at four year school. I found a private school out of state which i am in absolutely in love with, and the nursing program seems really good. However, I just saw that nursing grads get a BA in nursing, not a BSN. weird? I didnt know there even was such thing as a BA in nursing! But the grads are eligible to take the NCLEX exam to become RNs, and the program is accredited.
    So my question is, whats the difference between a BA in nursing and a BSN? Do any of you guys have a BA in nursing? Has it held you back?

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    havent heard of this before....have heard of an AA in nursing.....i will be interested in the answer to this......why not call/email the school in question and ask?
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    What I have seen, rare. Personally, to avoid any problems, I would seek a program with BSN.
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    Im definitly going to talk to the school, but i also want to get some outside opinions. Im thinking that it is the same thing as a BSN... after all it IS a 4 year school, and an AA degree is a degree from a 2 year. But ill look more into it for sure! Maybe it is just a regional thing.
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    Traditionally, schools that emphasized the practice of a discipline granted Bachelor's of Arts degrees. Schools that emphasized the science of the discipline granted Bachelor's of Science degrees. (The same is true for Associate's and Master's degrees.)

    However, over the many years, the lines have blurred -- and schools with "arts" vs "science" degrees often look pretty much the same. Sometimes there are some minor differences in the graduation requirements and/or administrative procedures -- particularly for schools that offer both options for the degree.

    It's best to talk with the particular school to find out particulars.